Groups at miniBOUNCE

miniBOUNCE Group events are specifically designed to assist pre school and toddler aged children learn and develop interpersonal relationship skills with other children their own age.

Bring your group together at miniBOUNCE to enjoy active play and help little ones develop their fundamental movement skills.

Activities in these sessions have been specifically designed to encourage our young adventurers to be able to communicate with each other and develop their ability to actively listen all whilst having FUN!

These group sessions are a perfect offsite activity for Kindergarten, Childcare centres, crechesā€™ and all parent groups! The children will learn to communicate with the miniBOUNCE HOST and other members of their group, exploring and developing their own cognitive and movement skills.

Call our team to book a group session of 10 or more at miniBOUNCE or fill in the contact form below and your message will be sent through to our team.

Phone: (07) 3569 0705
Contact centre opening hours are Monday to Sunday: 9am ā€“ 7pm AEST