miniBOUNCE Venue Features

miniBOUNCE play features are designed for junior jumpers to enjoy all the fun of unstructured active play in a way that develops fundamental movement skills while they play.

The features and equipment encourage playful exploration and help build confidence and independence while having fun.

Electronic gates at the entrance ensure little explorers are safe while they play.

miniBOUNCE Play Features:

Ball Pit

Thousands of colourful balls await little explorers in this interactive play area. Projectors broadcast learning games on to the wall of the ball pit to help develop fundamental movement skills.

Mini Trampolines

There are seven mini trampolines, which have been designed with the perfect level of spring for Junior Jumpers. There are also two mini swinging bags to enjoy.


No awesome playground is complete without slides and there are plenty to explore at miniBOUNCE! Climb the multi coloured steps or navigate the playground to reach the top of the open slides or choose the slide tunnel from the top of the playground, around the outside of miniBOUNCE and in to the ball pit.

Once Junior Jumpers have reached the ball pit, they can climb up the side of the volcano slide and slip back down in to the ball pit.


Our indoor playground provides hours of fun to explore and play. There are multiple obstacles and adventures throughout the multi storey, soft play arena.

Trampoline and air bag

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of running (or bouncing) down the trampoline runway to the mini air bag at the end. Great for building confidence and practicing skills on the trampoline and air bag.

Toddler Area

Toddlers can enjoy active play in an open area with direct line of sight. The area includes a slide and soft play shapes and seesaws for hours of confidence building fun. On the slide, a projector creates an interactive environment by projecting games on to the slide for toddlers to enjoy as they play.

Mini Ninja

The parkour athletes of tomorrow can build up their confidence on our mini Ninja course. Junior Jumpers can use the obstacles to climb and balance while harnessing their inner Ninja Warrior.


The miniBOUNCE café offers a range of casual food designed to make it easy to have a light bite after a jump around, share a meal with the kids and enjoy a casual meal or snack while the kids play.